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I am Anil,

A visual artist, currently living in London.
I illustrate, animate and create music.

I am passionate about drawing people and characters, mostly with exaggerated movements and twisted, “dumb” facial expressions. It allows me to create a cynical and absurd world that represents the world we live in from a slight childish but honest point of view.

I enjoy researching movement and when I illustrate I examine its representation thorough curved lines, repetitiveness, duplication and distortion.

Graduated from the Visual Communication Department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. 2017.

It’s Nice That wrote about me here:



I am vegan, a sushi lover and have been working as a “sushiman” (woman) for 5 years in a sushi restaurant.  I love mountains, traveling and discovering new cultures.

You can find my music here: